Pizza Winners Week 3

Pizza Winners Week 3
Posted on 06/08/2020
Congratulations to the winners of our Week 3 Pizza Contest! Winners will be mailed a gift certificate for a pizza. You must have your gift certificate to claim your pizza.    

Week of 6/1 Winners

Siedel Family - Mrs. Labance's Class
Garrett Family - Mrs. Hendershot's Class
The Davila Family - Mrs. Black's Class
Ferrari Family - Mrs. Black's Class
LoPorto Family - Mrs. Black's Class
Lorenzo Family - Ms. Dippel's Class
Valentin Family - Mrs. Zaremba and Miss Garris's Class
Lee Family - Mr. Siegert's Class
Eccles Family - Mr. Siegert's Class
Dressner Family - Mrs. Symons's Class
Postas Family - Mrs. Symons Class
Gibeau Family - Mrs. Clancy and Mrs. Emery's Class
Pavlick Family - Mrs. Diaz's Class
Soto Family - Mrs. Kilmat's Class

A special thank you to Mama Cee's, TJ's Pizza, and the Franklin Education Association for sponsoring this contest. 

***To be entered in the contest,  All students doing their school work or showing great improvement will be entered into the contest.