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 Franklin Borough School
Teacher of the Year

Shannon Zaremba

2016 Governorís Educator of the Year


Shannon Zaremba
School/ District: Franklin Borough School
Education: B.A. Bloomsburg University
Teaches: Elementary Special Education  

There are plenty of ways to judge accomplishments in life-- getting published for the first time, obtaining an advanced degree or landing that dream job.  What Iíve come to learn from my professional career is that the largest possible rewards in life are the intangible ones.   I may have worked with the child each day in class, but I can never anticipate or be prepared for the feeling deep in my heart when a child tells me how much of an influence I have had on his/her life. This is the reward that drives me each day.  Everyone needs someone he/she can count on.  As a teacher, I care about my students unconditionally and provide them with a safe and positive learning environment.  When students feel safe and loved, they are able to achieve their potential.  

My students know that I will be compassionate to their needs, and as a result, they open up to me. This personal relationship I have with my students is what I cherish and will continue to look forward to each school year.



Geri Kahn

2016 Governorís Educational Services
Professional of the Year

Geri Kahn
School/ District: Franklin Borough School
Education: B.A. Montclair State University
Teaches: Speech and Language Specialist

Communication is the foundation of our society, it is the conduit by which we absorb information and impart our ideas.  Good communication skills not only allow us to learn and share our ideas, but facilitate connections and relationships with the world around us.  Whether it is developing literacy skills, forming friendships, or building academic knowledge, communication skills will contribute to a childís success throughout his/her entire life. 

Working as a speech/language specialist has afforded me the challenging task of helping my students speak clearly, comprehend conversations, and express their thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner.  It is so moving and rewarding to see my students who were unintelligible, audition for the school play, or watch a language-delayed student on the schoolís cheerleading squad.  While the goal of my program is to help a child develop effective communication skills to access curriculum, the communication skills touch every aspect of school life.




Last update October 26, 2016