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Franklin Borough School
Grade 5


Teachers can be contacted by calling (973)-827-9775 and entering the extension next to their names.


Teaching Staff

 Ms. Jessica Garris - ext. 403

Ms. Mary Hocking - ext. 471

Mrs. Mary Jordan - ext. 432

Ms. Andrea Kovalsky - ext. 435

Mrs. Diane Menzel - ext. 433

Mrs. Kim Panaite - ext. 423

Mr. Jason Samiljan - ext. 456

Ms. Stephanie Sapio - ext. 406


Ms. Garris


Ms. Garris’s Class News

Bring on Spring!!

In 6th grade science, we have just concluded our third unit on atoms and the Periodic Table of Elements. Our stories from the perspective of different elements came out fantastic!! Going forward, we will begin to explore forces and motion, focusing on Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. We record important notes Monday and Tuesday while utilizing our science stations Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It has been exciting!

In 5th grade math, we have been applying learned strategies for multiplying two-digit numbers to strategies for dividing by one-digit numbers. Going forward, we will continue to build on this knowledge as we explore various strategies for dividing one-digit numbers. We spend Monday and Tuesday recording important notes and lessons and switch to project-based learning Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, incorporating mini-lessons into each day. As we continue through the year, we will work toward automaticity with multiplication facts as it is essential for future math units.


Ms. Hocking

March 2017

 3rd & 4th Basic Skills Language Arts:  

In March, your child will continue to focus on reading fluency using expression. Your child is  practicing comprehension skills and tricks that will help him/her understand what is read.  Your child is also writing about what was read and is creating news reports using evidence based on the texts that are read in class. Lastly, your child is focusing on identifying, spelling, and sounding out complex vowel patterns.  Please continue to read with your child at home.

5th Grade Language Arts with Mrs. Panaite:
This month, your child continues to research, write, and revise a research report on a historic hero of choice.. Please have your child complete all homework assignments on time and continue to read his/her AR books. The 3rd marking period ends on March 31, 2017.


Monday- Students receive spelling words, spelling packet, and vocabulary words.

Tuesday- Vocabulary sentences are due.

Thursday- Vocabulary test is given in class.
Friday- Spelling packet isdue and spelling test given in class.   

3rd Grade Math:
Your child is learning to use fractions to describe how much or how many and understand that a fraction is a part of a whole in Chapter 8. To do this, your child is learning to read, write, and model with fractions. After that, Chapter 9 will teach your child how to compare fractions. Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home.  

4th Grade Math:

Your child is currently learning different strategies to compare fractions and write equivalent fractions in chapter 6. Your child is doing this by using models, using multiplication and common multiples, and by making tables. Following chapter 6, chapter 7 will teach your child how to add and subtract fractions that have the same denominator. Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home. 

Please visit my website for additional language arts or math resources and contact me if you have any concerns about your child.



Mrs. Jordan

March has arrived and hopefully spring is not far behind. The students are midway through the third marking period. The year is certainly flying by. In Cam class each student continues to work on his/ her own level and is very successful meeting his/ her objectives
The eighth graders are well into the novel, Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James Swanson. It includes many artifacts and eyewitness accounts of what happened that day. With its fast pace, it grabs the attention of the reader and sparks the interest in this great historical event. They are now developing a scrapbook depicting important events during that historical era.

In sixth grade the students are reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowery. It is a historical fiction that takes place during the World War II. Two young girls, one Danish and one Jewish, are faced with many trials during Denmark's invasion from the Nazis. It shows how a friendship endures during this time. The students will also read some nonfiction excerpts on the background of the Holocaust.

All students are encouraged to use smiley-face tricks and their vocabulary words to enhance their writing. They continue to develop their vocabulary and writing skills using prompts from the novels. Remember every Tuesday vocabulary definitions are due, and every Friday paragraphs using these vocabulary words are due. By completing these assignments, it helps the students to perform well in their quizzes and writing assignments.

In addition to language art classes, I assist in Mr. Samiljan's sixth grade math classes. Here the students are working on all operations of decimals.

"Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own." ~~Charles Scribner.

Encourage your child to read every day.

Ms. Kovalsky

Mrs. Menzel

Dear Parents-


As March ushers in spring, sixth graders will explore the period in history following the fall of Rome, known as the Middle Ages. Students will create a diagram of the feudal social hierarchy, create their own personal coat of arms and label pertinent architectural features of a castle. Chivalry is not dead in Mrs. Kovalsky's class! Boys and girls will demonstrate the various attributes knights of the middle ages were expected to possess, like graciousness, humility, and courtesy.


Fifth grade students will revel in Ancient Egyptian art and recreate hieroglyphics and art from the columns in the Temple of Karnak. Next, fifth graders will travel to India to discover how Indian civilizations first developed on the Indus River. In science, students will identify the four characteristics of plants, and describe the four main groups of plants.


Seventh graders in language arts will research the plant and animal life for our Survival Guide to our class novel Hatchet. Students will celebrate Shakespeare the week of March 20 by acting out an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth, quoting Shakespeare, and writing a sonnet. Ask your child to share with you what they are doing in school every day!



                  Mrs. Kovalsky

                  Ms. Menzel


Mrs. Panaite

Mrs. Panaite's March Update

     leprechaun hatHappy Spring! The students are MARCHing toward the PARCC test which is coming soon, and they are working hard to prepare. We are comparing texts, writing reading responses with textual evidence, and reviewing difficult vocabulary words commonly used on the test.

     If you need to contact me, please feel free to call school at 973-827-9775 x423 or email me at kpanaite@fboe.org. I am also available after school Mondays and Tuesdays until 3:15 p.m.to make up any missing work or for extra help.

5th Grade:

  • Reading: Wonder by R.J. Polaccio, focusing on characterization and using textual evidence to support answers to questions
  • Writing: Research Papers; Personal Narratives, using voice in writing with smiley-face tricks
  • Vocabulary: Using context clues to determine meanings; writing meaningful detailed sentences; quizzes are on Thursdays.
  • Spelling: Homework is due and tests are given on Fridays.
  • AR: Students are required to earn 9 points for the third marking period.

6th Grade:

  • Reading: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry; non-fiction texts
  • Writing: Research Papers; using smiley-face tricks to add voice to writing
  • Vocabulary: 10 words are given each Monday, and tests are on Thursdays.  Sentences are due on Thursdays.
  • Spelling: 25 words are given Mondays, and tests are on Fridays.
  • AR: Students are required to earn 10 points for the third marking period.

All work missed due to absences
must be completed.

Also, please encourage your child to read daily. This lifelong habit helps develop strong comprehension skills. Our second Battle of the Books book must be read by MARCH 31st!

Mr. Samiljan

March Web update:

GO MATH! In this new program for 6th grade, there are hands-on activities and real-world problems to solve. In March, students in GO MATH will be able to add, subtract, and multiply and divide with decimals as well as estimate decimal products.

Throughout the next few weeks, you can expect to see homework that involves addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals.

Ms. Sapio

C’mon Spring!

Winter is almost over, and the students are looking forward to fresh, new activities and novels. All fifth and sixth grade students will begin practice for the spring Battle of the Books competition later in the year, and they are very excited about this year’s selections.

In language arts class, students will learn about various non-fiction writing structures and explore point of view. Projects will include altered perspectives from various characters and object in both fiction and non-fiction writing. The classes will read one Battle selection, Because of Mr Turupt, together to explore point of view and perspective. We looked forward to seeing things a bit differently, and perhaps, through someone else’s eyes.





Last update March 23, 2017