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Teachers can be contacted by calling (973)-827-9775 and entering the extension next to their names.


Teaching Staff

Ms. Kelly Callahan - ext. 419

Mrs. Bridget Campana - ext. 468

Ms. Jamie Dippel - ext. 451

Mrs. Michele Fuzia - ext. 458

Mrs. Lisa Grillo - ext. 414

Ms. Melissa Storch - ext. 427


 Ms. Callahan, Ms. Dippel, Mrs. Grillo
kcallahan@fboe.org | jdippel@fboe.org | lgrillo@fboe.org


May has brought lots of sunshine and warm weather! This month, our focus is on the life cycles of plants and animals. We discuss the life cycle of many animals and hatch chicks in an incubator!

During the month of May, please work with your child on writing the letters. We are continuing our work with sight words. Your child may enjoy finding these words on signs that can be viewed from the backseat of the car.

In math, the students are working with shapes. Ask your child ways to create shapes by joining them together with other shapes. For example, how many ways can you make a rectangle? (two squares, a square and two triangles) Students enjoy the challenge of discovering the many ways they can manipulate shapes to create new shapes.

In science, our theme is the life cycle of animals and plants. The students are learning about animals that hatch from eggs. Our grade level is incubating a dozen brown eggs that will hatch this month. A signed permission slip must be sent in if your child would like to hold a chick. Please check the backpack for this form.

Please save the date, May 26th, for Field Day. We are eager to meet our hatchlings and see the animals we are studying. Please ask your children about the care and maintenance of incubating eggs and newly hatched chicks. Their knowledge will astound you!

Dates to Remember:
May 26th, 2017 –Field Day (12:30 p.m. dismissal)

Mrs. Campana


Mrs. Campana's class plans to celebrate the warm weather in several different ways this month. We are planting slow-growing sunflowers and quick-growing marigolds. By charting the growth process of both plants, we are preparing to complete a comparison of the growth rate. We also are reading about plant care as well as a variety of flowers. Our writing assignments include pictures and sentences about the activities we participate in, things we see,  and places we enjoy in the spring weather.  In mathematics, we are using doubles to solve problems, predicting outcomes, learning about place value, and learning about 2-D/3-D  shapes. We are also planning our next visit with our preschool reading buddies.



Mrs. Fuzia



Spring has certainly sprung, and our class is delighted with the warm weather, blooming flowers and trees, and lessons about life cycles that this season brings upon us. We are exploring butterflies, frogs, chicks, and plants, and we continue to practice healthy life skills, especially toothbrushing and exercise.  

Important Dates to Remember:

May 12 - Field Trip

May 14 - Happy Mother’s Day!

May 19 - PTO Carnival

May 24 - Spring Concert

May 26 - Field Day/ 12:30 p.m. dismissal

May 29 - Memorial Day/ No school

 Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly ~ Unknown


Ms. Storch


The end of the school year is quickly approaching. The students have been working hard and are showing great progress. It’s exciting to see how much they have learned since the beginning of the year. Our daily language arts groups have ended for the year, but I will still continue to assist students in their classrooms during math.

Kindergarten Math:
Students will continue exploring three-dimensional shapes such as spheres, cubes, cones, and cylinders. Next, students will learn about measurement and data. The students will compare lengths and heights of different objects.

1st Grade Math:
The students will learn all about data this month. We will explore picture graphs, tally charts, and bar graphs. Students will learn to read graphs and create their own. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts at home.

2nd Grade Math:
Students will continue to practice telling time to the hour, half hour, and to five minutes. We will begin learning about customary units of measurement. Students will explore measurement through hands-on activities.







Last update May 12, 2017