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Franklin Borough School
Grade 4


Teachers can be contacted by calling (973)-827-9775 and entering the extension next to their names.


Teaching Staff

Mrs. Lauren Davies - ext. 410

Ms. Mary Hocking - ext. 471

Ms. Heather Labance - ext. 465

Ms. Amy McAuliffe - ext. 418

Ms. Brianne McGlone - ext. 404

Ms. Alyssa Pisauro - ext. 428

Mrs. Shannon Zaremba - ext. 429


Mrs. Davies, Ms. McAuliffe, & Mrs. Labance
lbrady@fboe.org amcauliffe@fboe.org | hlabance@fboe.org 

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Language Arts: 

Unit 4.1- Our Government: Why do we need government? 

  • Genre: Narrative Nonfiction
  • Skill Focus: Cause and Effect
  • Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Latin Roots
  • Grammar: Pronouns and Antecedents
  • Spelling: Inflectional Endings
  • Writing: Organization

Unit 4.2- Leadership: Why do people run for public office? 

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Skill Focus: Point of View
  • Comprehension Strategy: Make Predictions
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Figurative Language
  • Grammar: Types of Pronouns
  • Spelling: Inflectional Endings: Changing to i
  • Writing: Ideas


  • Unit 6 is all about fractions: equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions and relating fractions to decimals. 
  • Practice multiplication facts- This is the key to mastering many other skills and objectives in fourth grade. All students have multiplication fact triangles.

Social Studies:

Chapter 4: Europeans in New Jersey

·         European explorers reached what is now NJ while searching for a water route from Europe to Asia.

·         Dutch culture remains alive in NJ today.

·         NJ was divided between the Quakers in West Jersey and other English settlers in East Jersey.

·         European settlers and the Delaware faced conflicts as their cultures collided.   

A Few Reminders:

  • Accelerated Reader points have increased to 5 points for the third marking period.
  • March 9th Early dismissal
  • St. Patrick’s Day March 17: Wear Green Day and send in GREEN food
  • March 24th Tricky Tray
  • Book Fair the week of March 20th


Mrs. Davies               Mrs. Labance
Mrs. Maurin


Ms. Hocking

March 2017

 3rd & 4th Basic Skills Language Arts:  

In March, your child will continue to focus on reading fluency using expression. Your child is  practicing comprehension skills and tricks that will help him/her understand what is read.  Your child is also writing about what was read and is creating news reports using evidence based on the texts that are read in class. Lastly, your child is focusing on identifying, spelling, and sounding out complex vowel patterns.  Please continue to read with your child at home.

5th Grade Language Arts with Mrs. Panaite:
This month, your child continues to research, write, and revise a research report on a historic hero of choice.. Please have your child complete all homework assignments on time and continue to read his/her AR books. The 3rd marking period ends on March 31, 2017.


Monday- Students receive spelling words, spelling packet, and vocabulary words.

Tuesday- Vocabulary sentences are due.

Thursday- Vocabulary test is given in class.
Friday- Spelling packet isdue and spelling test given in class.   

3rd Grade Math:
Your child is learning to use fractions to describe how much or how many and understand that a fraction is a part of a whole in Chapter 8. To do this, your child is learning to read, write, and model with fractions. After that, Chapter 9 will teach your child how to compare fractions. Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home.  

4th Grade Math:

Your child is currently learning different strategies to compare fractions and write equivalent fractions in chapter 6. Your child is doing this by using models, using multiplication and common multiples, and by making tables. Following chapter 6, chapter 7 will teach your child how to add and subtract fractions that have the same denominator. Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home. 

Please visit my website for additional language arts or math resources and contact me if you have any concerns about your child.



Ms. McGlone

Welcome to March!  This month in language arts, we are writing friendly letters.  By the end of this unit, students will all write a letter to someone using the correct letter format, and they will mail it to the recipient.  We are also beginning to study contractions.  Students will understand what a contraction is, which words make up each contraction, and how to write a contraction correctly.  We continue to read daily.  Please make sure you are reading at home every night with your child. 

In math, we have begun to learn multiplication.  We are starting with arrays and equal groups and will eventually move on to trying to memorize facts.  This is a challenging topic but one that the students are thoroughly enjoying so far.  

 Homework will be sent home each night unless otherwise noted in their planners.  Please make sure your child completes his or her math homework daily. 

In science, we are completing our unit on Space.  The students have learned about each planet and will make a human model of the solar system.  They have really enjoyed this unit! 

As always, thank you for your continued support!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

jumping in pot of gold


Mrs. Zaremba



The month of March is here!! Daylight saving time begins on March 12th. . Please make sure to “spring ahead.” On March 17th, our class will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so please wear green! Our Book Fair will be held from March 21-22  from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and there is a 12:30 p.m. dismissal Thursday,  March 9th.  

In social studies, we completed our Boston Tea Party unit with a classroom play. The students did a wonderful job, and they enjoyed it thoroughly. We are now learning about the Great Lakes through a daily language arts paragraph and daily group activities. The students will be graded on their participation.  

            Please remember to read with your child at least ten (10)minutes every night. Fourth graders need 3 AR points by the end of the marking period.  

Students will receive two pieces of homework every night. They always have spelling and math homework. Please be sure to check the planner to find out exactly what the assignment is supposed to be.  Also, please be sure to sign your child’s homework planner every night. It is important to have an open line of communication, and this is a great way to have questions answered. Please help your child with homework if he/she does not understand it.  I do not want anyone to be frustrated. A spelling test will be given every Friday, so please help your child study.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at szaremba@fboe.org

Thank you,


Mrs. Zaremba 







Last update March 08, 2017