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Grade 2


Teachers can be contacted by calling (973)-827-9775 and entering the extension next to their names.


Teaching Staff

Mrs. Bridget Campana - ext. 468

Mrs. Karen Crosby - ext. 420

Ms. Christie Kota - ext. 422

Ms. Alyssa Pisauro - ext. 428

Mrs. Courtney Savino - ext. 443

Ms. Melissa Storch - ext. 427

Mrs. Amanda Winters - ext. 412

Mrs. Shannon Zaremba - ext. 429


  Mrs. Crosby, Ms. Kota, Mrs. Winters
kcrosby@fboe.org  | ckota@fboe.org  | awinters@fboe.org



smiling sun

As you plan for family fun and vacations over the summer, take time to write about your adventures in a journal.  Have your child read the journal entry each night.  Making this a routine will help your child start the new school year successfully. 

Congratulations to all of our students who went for the gold and beyond in our reading challenge.  We are so proud of all of you.

We wish you a healthy and safe summer!

I love summer

Mrs. Campana


Although our days are numbered, our class plans to pack in as much as possible. I am so very proud of the students and their many accomplishments this school year. They are spectacular!

Watch for your summer packet of reading and math fun.

Have a splendid summer!


Mrs. Savino

It was an awesome year! Please continue to read, write, and practice math facts throughout the summer. Thank you for making this year a success! Enjoy your summer :)
Mrs. Savino
summer in sand with beach items

Ms. Storch

The school year is coming to an end, and the students are excited for summer break. The students have really grown since the beginning of the year. I encourage you to set aside some time this summer to practice reading and math skills with your child. Have a wonderful summer!
Kindergarten Math:
The students will explore two-dimensional shapes and practice classifying them by color, shape, and size. Students will also make and read graphs. Students will collect data and use that information to create their own graph.

1st Grade Math:
Students will begin to explore fractional parts. We will learn how to show equal/unequal parts of a two-dimensional object. Students will use hands-on materials to represent parts of an object as halves, fourths, or a whole. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts at home.

2nd Grade Math:
Students will begin learning about measuring using metric units. Students will explore measurement through hands-on activities. They will estimate and measure objects in centimeters. Students will also practice solving problems involving adding and subtracting lengths.

Mrs. Zaremba






Last update June 06, 2017