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Franklin Borough School
Grade 2


Teachers can be contacted by calling (973)-827-9775 and entering the extension next to their names.


Teaching Staff

Mrs. Bridget Campana - ext. 468

Mrs. Karen Crosby - ext. 420

Ms. Christie Kota - ext. 422

Ms. Alyssa Pisauro - ext. 428

Mrs. Courtney Savino - ext. 443

Ms. Melissa Storch - ext. 427

Mrs. Amanda Winters - ext. 412

Mrs. Shannon Zaremba - ext. 429


  Mrs. Crosby, Ms. Kota, Mrs. Winters
kcrosby@fboe.org  | ckota@fboe.org  | awinters@fboe.org


March News

 Wishin' you a pot o' gold...

       Let’s “march” right into our 2nd grade reading challenge, which we call, “The Reading Games!” This month we kick off our Reading Olympics Challenge.  Please be on the look out for all of the information inside your child’s folder. The students will read several books and complete graphic organizers.  We ask that you make a great effort to assist your child with this challenge.  Encourage complete sentences, correct spelling, and proper punctuation.  Each child is encouraged to read and complete 15 reports before June.  We will celebrate our reading success with an Olympic day, which includes a kickball game, distribution of medals, and a watermelon snack.

In language arts we will learn about contractions, silent consonant patterns such as kn, wr, and gn.  Please continue to review previous spelling word lists to strengthen spelling skills.  We also learn about author’s purpose and write with purpose in mind.  Another goal this month is to be able to compare and contrast.  We use Venn diagrams to organize our ideas and then put those ideas into writing. 

In science and social studies we learn about various places around the world and the regions of our state.  Encourage your child to learn the names of our states and compare our country to other countries around the world.   

In math we begin to add and subtract with 3-digit numbers.  Continue to practice daily at home with our strategies and encourage your child to explain each step using words.  This helps your child organize and become an independent thinker.  Remind your child that mistakes help the brain grow because we learn from them.  The more we practice, the better we become. 


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

shamrock musicians

Your Second Grade Teachers,

Mrs. Crosby, Ms. Kota and Mrs. Winters


Mrs. Campana

shamrocks     shamrocks     shamrocks     shamrocks     shamrocks    


With a pot of gold sitting on the classroom whiteboard, the students are feeling quite lucky for some things that they have. March is our "lucky month" because we have family members, pets, toys, and things in our environment that make us feel very lucky! One lucky upcoming event involves a little, green, mischievous character that visits on "Green Day." 

This month the students will continue to strengthen their reading skills by reading books about time passing by and about the life cycles of various animals. The students are already familiar with signs (American Sign Language) for several animals. Ask them to tell you and show you one or two.

Along with the Dr. Seuss theme, our reading time will include several Dr. Seuss books. After coloring one of  Dr. Seuss' characters,  our class will  watch an illustrated book movie of one Dr. Seuss treasures.   

shamrocks     shamrocks     shamrocks     shamrocks     shamrocks


Mrs. Savino


In language arts, we will start Unit 6! Students will learn about citizenship and create a way to positively impact our community.  Comprehension and fluency are two main components of this unit.

Second grade math will continue subtracting two-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  Third grade math will begin division!



Ms. Storch


Kindergarten students will work on beginning and ending letter sounds. We will work in a variety of centers sorting words by their beginning and ending sounds. Students will also focus on consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words. Our sight word wall is growing each week, and the students are so excited when we add new words.  

First grade students will explore long vowel spelling patterns through sorting activities. The students will continue to strengthen their reading skills during independent reading time. We will discuss the story elements of our fiction books and answer comprehension questions. Students will practice their weekly high frequency words through word building activities. 

The second grade students will focus on r-controlled vowels. Students will practice words with r-controlled vowels through sorting activities. The students will work with a partner to practice their high frequency words by completing mystery word activities. We will continue to focus on using a variety of strategies to improve reading fluency. 


Mrs. Zaremba



The month of March is here!! Daylight saving time begins on March 12th. . Please make sure to “spring ahead.” On March 17th, our class will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so please wear green! Our Book Fair will be held from March 21-22  from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and there is a 12:30 p.m. dismissal Thursday,  March 9th.  

In social studies, we completed our Boston Tea Party unit with a classroom play. The students did a wonderful job, and they enjoyed it thoroughly. We are now learning about the Great Lakes through a daily language arts paragraph and daily group activities. The students will be graded on their participation.  

            Please remember to read with your child at least ten (10)minutes every night. Fourth graders need 3 AR points by the end of the marking period.  

Students will receive two pieces of homework every night. They always have spelling and math homework. Please be sure to check the planner to find out exactly what the assignment is supposed to be.  Also, please be sure to sign your child’s homework planner every night. It is important to have an open line of communication, and this is a great way to have questions answered. Please help your child with homework if he/she does not understand it.  I do not want anyone to be frustrated. A spelling test will be given every Friday, so please help your child study.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at szaremba@fboe.org

Thank you,


Mrs. Zaremba 







Last update March 13, 2017