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Grade 1


Teachers can be contacted by calling (973)-827-9775 and entering the extension next to their names.


Teaching Staff

Mrs. Bridget Campana - ext. 468

Mrs. Laurie Black - ext. 444

Mrs. Melissa Fanuel - ext. 452

Mrs. Michele Fuzia - ext. 458

Mrs. Kelly Snyder - ext. 455

Ms. Melissa Storch - ext. 427


Mrs. Black, Mrs. Fanuel, Mrs. Snyder
lblack@fboe.org | mfanuel@fboe.org | ksnyder@fboe.org


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February First Grade Update

During the month of February, our fantastic first graders are engaged in learning about many different holidays and topics. We will incorporate the following fun-filled and interesting subjects: Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, 100th day of school, and Dental Health.  We will also study weather and natural resources.

heartsLanguage Arts:

 Through implementation of our Reading Wonders program, students meet the common core curriculum standards.  Our reading instruction includes many elements:  Guided reading, literacy centers, shared reading, independent reading, shared writing, grammar, independent writing, and a read aloud component.  We continue to lay the groundwork for literacy success in the years to come.   

First Grade Units 4 and 5 include key foundational skills and practice of high-frequency words and phonics.  Spelling tests are given most Fridays.   Students will learn to reread, retell key details, and make connections while reading as comprehension strategies.  Look for the weekly communication sheets that are sent home for extra practice and reinforcement in spelling and vocabulary.  We are also review basic words, complete our school-wide sight words assessments, and grow individual word lists. 

Please record nightly reading on the Heart Reading Log.  Return the sheet at the end of the month to earn a prize.  Be sure to write any titles of books that your child loved.  Children engage in various methods of the writing process including sequencing stories, and responding to literature.  They also complete journal assignments and creative writing activities as prompted. 

heartsGO MATH!-  In math we will complete Unit 6 and start Unit 7. Unit 6 is devoted to extending children’s understanding of, and proficiency with, place value. Students will use place value to model, read, and write numbers to 120.  In Chapter 7, students apply their understanding of place value to compare two two-digit numbers based on meanings of the tens and ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, and <. 


     Folders need to be returned each day with completed homework assignments.

     Help your child to return his/her library book on the day it is due.

     Read each night with your child.  We would LOVE more support of our Reading Log Program!

     Happy Valentine’s Day- class party information will be sent home soon.  Please remember NO CANDY- Thank you!


Mrs. Campana


In celebration of Valentine's Day, the students will discuss what is important to each of them. The students will select a person, place, and item that they love. They will also choose something they love to do. In addition to our sweet hearts, we are making predictions about whether the groundhog indicates that spring will come early or we will enjoy six more weeks of winter weather.

The students continue to improve their writing skills by adding more details        and more descriptive words to their sentences. Their daily successes and accomplishments deserve a round of applause!  

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Mrs. Fuzia


Ms. Storch






Last update February 10, 2017