Suggestions for a Successful School Day

Suggestions for a Successful School Day

Children who come to school "ready to learn" have the best chance for success.  Experience has shown that the following suggestions help children to come to school "ready to learn":

  • Have your child take time for a healthy breakfast that contains all the food groups but be aware of sugary cereals!

  • Have your child get enough sleep.  Ten to twelve hours of sleep each night is recommended for school age children.

  • Have your child stay home if he/she is sick.  If your child vomits at night or has a fever, they should stay home the next day. 

  • Children should be fever-free for 24 hours (without Tylenol) before returning to school.

  • If your child develops any health problems, please inform the school nurse.

  • If your child will not be attending school, you need to call: 973-827-9775 ext .238