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Accelerated Reader | Accelerated Math Podcasts


AR Resources

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

Parent's Guide to Renaissance Home Connect

Parent's Guide to AR Bookfinder


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Math Podcasts

Each of the following podcasts were designed to assist students struggling with certain math concepts.  Each podcast is listed under the corresponding strand.  Please click the link for each podcast you wish to view.  You must have Adobe Flashplayer installed on your computer to view these podcasts.  Click here to download Adobe Flashplayer.


The Number System

Integer Addition


Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Solving Percent Problems

Converting Units


Expressions and equations and inequalities

Like terms



Volume of prisms and cylinders

Area and circumference of circles

Area of parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids

Pythagorean Theorem


Statistics and Probability

Box and whisker plots

Mean, median, mode and range





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Last update September 08, 2016